With just 14 days to Christmas, people scrambling everywhere to finish their Christmas shopping, going to their office parties, trying to throw their own parties and I am here chowing down on this awesome Rigatoni Pie! Oh year, I said Pie.

Its not the pie you are thinking of though, this pie did take some patience to put together, but it was well worth it. Layered with a white sauce and topped off with a red meat sauce, sprinkled with cheese melting…what is not to like about that!

If you are looking for something to WAW your guests for your Christmas dinner, this is the dish to do it with! Just think about bringing it to the dinner table, removing the round sides from the baking pan and TA -DAH! You have this fashionable…yes I said fashionable pasta dish filled with ricotta and ground beef…Think about the Oooohs and the Ahhhhhs you will get.

I did make a video of how I did this, but I will post that on my Youtube Channel later on.

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In the meantime click here for Rigatoni Pie recipe.


Hi there! Welcome back.

Last weekend I had the most excited pleasure of baby sitting my little cousin. He is 18 months old and to me that is the perfect age! I wish I can keep him at that age forever because they do eventually grow up into moody teenagers staring at their phones 23 hours a day.

He is at that age where he is now learning to say words and he is still waddling around on unsteady legs. While my monster was into dora and sponge bob, my cousin is into Elmo. So I spent the last 3 nights watching every episode of Elmo ever made! Brings back memories of when the monster was younger and we had to sit through hours of sponge bob one Christmas Day! I do not miss that at all and don’t want another repeat of that.

Even though we have Thanksgiving well behind us, every time we open the fridge there is all that left over turkey staring at us saying eat me. Yet your tummy is like…not the same old turkey again! Well I have just the solution for that. I made this Turkey Veggie Noodle Stir fry and used up my left over turkey with just veggies I had on hand in my fridge.

This is a great way to clear out the fridge and to use up left overs without wasting it. After all we must get ready for Christmas.

Oh and guess what? I made a video of that too! Yup I sure did.

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Follow this link for Turkey Veggie Noodle Stir Fry recipe.


Did you survive your Thanksgiving Holiday? Did you venture out into the Black Friday abyss of chaos?

I managed to survive two Thanksgiving holidays this year. The first being mine and the second with the Kubes family.

I am going to show you my two turkeys that I did this year. I am really hoping to actually share this recipe sometime in the future. But there is only so much turkey I can eat! Especially since I don’t even like turkey.

The first Turkey is baked and the second is deep fried. Both tasted fantastic and they were both juicy. However we ate most of the fried turkey before we even sat down to dinner. So I am going to go out on a limb and say that was our first choice.

And honestly after eating all that Thanksgiving food I just wanted something normal to cleanse the palette. I had a sudden craving for Beef Chow Fun! NOT to be mistaken for pad Thai.

This Beef Chow Fun is usually served with white sticky rice, but I added in wide noodles and it was fantastic. I wanted to share this with someone who loves Thai Food and drove all that way to deliver it while it was hot, but I was greeted instead with a Crabby Pants! So no more Thai Food for him.

But if you like Beef Fun Chow when you go to the restaurant, here is your chance of making it at home! And I even made a video for you, how sweet is that.

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In the mean while click here to get Beef Chow Fun Recipe.


My sister and her hubby recently visited on of their good friends on their farm and she brought back the sweetest squashes and a huge Zucchini. Of course I inherited the zucchini since I love making breads with them.

They also have the cutest little goats that they use to clear the land with, but all I can think of is how delicious they would be curried! I know that is so bad of me…But I can’t help it! Organic Curry goat with soft fluffy roti! Hmmm hmmm good. Hopefully Tania does not see what I am thinking about her babies!

It is amazing what she does on that farm though. She even raises her own bees! And I have eaten those fresh as can bee (pun intended) honey!

My sister cooked up the squashes and it was super sweet and delicious, but I made these yummy Zucchini Loaves, that I flavored with fresh oranges.

So worth the wait. not only did the house smell fantastic, it goes great with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

What a great dessert to make for your ThanksGiving Dinner!

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And do return for my next recipe of Chocolate Chip Zucchini Loaves!

But in the mean time do enjoy this Orange Zucchini Loaf recipe!

Hola mi amores!

I am back. I have been gone for over a month! Holy Hannah!

Why have I not posted anything in over a month you ask? Its a combination of things really, one being that I had no zeal to blog, two being that I was not in the best of health, three being that I was away on vacation in Cabo with Sugar Kubes.

What did I learn in Cabo? There is only so much Mexican food I can eat, the sunrise and the Moon above the ocean is simply amazing and I can only handle the Sun baring down on my skin for max 5 days!

So thats my story and I am sticking with it.

Before I left however, I had visited on of my bootcamp friends and had some drinks, so I made these cute, mini sandwiches to take over there for us to snack on.

These are what you call semi homemade, as I bought pre cooked pulled pork and t=deli ham slices. The only cooking required was the baking of the made sandwiches, just to get the cheese to melt really.

These are fantastic for a party or even super bowl party at home! Give it a go!