I can finally smell again! Just in time for March Madness. Thats all that is going to be on at the gym. As soon as you walk in the door the guys will start in on whose winning and whose bracket is being knocked out. And yes of course I am in on the betting. Though I do not watch the games, I love checking my bracket at night to see who is beating me.

As you have read I have collaborated with 196 flavors and this is my second recipe that I have done. They provide the recipe and I do the cooking, photographing and the eating! At least I don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen testing out a recipe. These are recipes that have been tried, tested and handed down through time.

They are as authentic as can be and it is true to that regions nationality. After doing the research on these recipes I feel like I was actually in Tunisia!

This Dwida Mfawra is from North Africa and its basically a steamed vermicelli or broken pasta. It is a thinner pasta that is steamed over the lamb stew as it cooks. Incredibly delicious and easy to make. The spices like the harissa and the tabel make this dish unique. You can find the tabel online at Amazon and harissa at any middle eastern grocery.

The recipe for this dish was provided by 196 flavors. Check them out for more unique Tunisian Dishes.

In the meantime click here for this Dwida Mfawra recipe and for an extended write up on the history of this dish. And if you like the video, head on over to my Youtube Channel for more recipes and subscribe!


Hello my dear friends.

I hope you all had a chance to check out my collaboration I did on 196 flavors and the amazing recipe of Mermez. I will be doing more of those recipes coming soon from Tunisia. So be sure to check back for that.

In the meantime, I have been sick for a whole week! OYE what a miserable little person I feel like. The worst is my nose. It has been rubbed raw both on the inside and the outside. I can’t even touch it without wincing in pain.

I don’t think I have slept this much ever. I would sleep all day and then go right back to bed to sleep all night.  Did I mention how miserable I feel?

And to top all of this misery off…the clock robbed me of a whole hour of sleep!

Prior to my demise, I made this biryani to take to work for a potluck and though I would share it with you since it came out fantastic.

Briyani can be one of those intimidating dishes, that will make some people not even try it. Please don’t be. It is about spices and the technique of steaming the rice.

It is an incredibly delicious rice dish that cooks all in one pot. It is full of exotic spices like cardamon, cinnamon, garam masala and more. These can all be found in the spice isle.

Be sure to wash your rice until the water runs clear. This is to remove as much starch from it so that it won’t stick together.

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Until next time toodles.

Click here for Chicken Biriyani recipe.


So nothing new here other than we got another 8-14 inches of snow again today. I am so ready for winter to be gone. And no it is not beautiful, like a lot of people seem to think. It is chaos to drive in, back breaking trying to shovel yourself out before work, sand and salt everywhere that makes the snow look a dirty brown color.

I just want some sunshine so I can complain about how hot it is, and that the heat is making my hair frizzy and its charing my skin.

Today, I am sharing a post that I was lucky enough to do for another blog. It is called 196 Flavors. It is the first bilingual blog (French and English) that features unique and authentic  world cuisine.

They feature a different country or region each month. This month they are taking you on a tour of Tunisia and its beautiful cuisine. These are authentic recipes that they provide to you. my only contribution to this was cooking and photographing. The recipe is from 196 flavors.

I was assigned a flavorful, comforting Lamb Stew called Mermez. For the full recipe and an explanation of why this stew is one of Tunisia’s authentic food, check out the write up that I did at this link, Mermez.

Again the recipe is from 196 flavors. The video below is mine and its the longer version that I made of Mermez. The actual recipe uses a pressure cooker. I slow cooked mine because I had all the time in the world that day!

Check out 196 flavors and their wonderful recipes and as usual if you like the videos, head on over to my YouTube Channel and give it a thumbs up and subscribe to it.


Hello, hello, hello…

This past weekend I baby sat my little cousin who is 22 months old. I had him from Friday to Sunday evening. I loved every minute of it, besides the part where he likes to sleep on my side of the bed.

I love kids at that age. They are now learning to say their words and they ask what everything is a million times over and over again. My cousin loves to watch Elmo and let me tell you I have watched every episode of Elmo there is to watch with him. I call him my little Elmo.

This weekend I introduced him to other some cartoon movies because there is only so much Elmo and Elmo’s world I can handle. I ended up watching, The Croods, Baby Boss and The Lion King. This I don’t mind.

I had to make a video for this weeks post and with Elmo in the room…holy Hannah, his little hands and head are in most of my pictures. Because he wanted to touch everything and eat everything. In one of my pictures you can see his little hands stealing my cilantro and yes he did eat it.

This week I made this crispy, deep fried bread filled with a tomato salted cod. Delicious! I mean who does not like deep fried bread. Salted Cod is Cod fish that has been preserved by salting it. Before you consume this fish, you must remove the salt by either soaking the fish over night or boiling it for 20-30 minutes.

It sometimes has tiny bones in it that you also have to remove. No one wants to get a tiny bone stuck in their throat. After you stuff the dough with the filling, try to flatten it out a bit without tearing the dough. This will help it to cook evenly. Also do not over heat your oil otherwise the outside will cook but inside will be raw.

Elmo had a blast getting flour all over himself and rolling out his own dough that I gave to him. Give it a go and let me know how it goes. Get the kiddos in the kitchen with you, its fun for them and more work for you.

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Click here for Saltfish Stuffed Bakes recipe.

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While everyone is celebrating Valentines Day, I am over here missing Ash Wednesday in Trinidad. This is usually the day after Carnival Monday and Tuesday and everyone back home heads to the beach or to the river to make ‘a cook’.

A ‘cook’ in Trini term means you are going to cook your meal, usually some kind of curry or broth (soup) at the beach. And its normally cooked over a thrown together fireside. With wood and bricks/huge rocks.

Nothing beats the taste of a good spicy curry cooked over a wood fireside! Damn I can taste it now. Oh how I miss Carnival in Trinidad. I miss the food and the music and the atmosphere. Seeing all the bands, hearing the loud music from the big trucks.

Anyway in case you are wondering its 40 degrees here today in MN and that to us is summer right there! No beach, but I did make the best darn Curry Goat ever! I have made 2 other Curry Goat recipes on here already, but each one is different.

The green seasoning remains the same, as any true Trini will use green seasoning in every meat they cook. In this recipe I added Anchor Masala and roasted geera powder which is local to Trinidad cooking. It gives the meat a smokey flavor.

Not everyone will eat spicy food, in my green seasoning I added peppers and this is why I used Thai chili peppers. As I do have a monster that loves her curry, and she can handle her heat, just at a certain level. It was so hard to edit this video as it only made me hungry.

I will make another Curry Goat recipe, but next time I will cook it in my Tagine, stay tuned for that.

I hope you have been loving the videos and I am trying to make sure I tape each recipe I make so you at least have an idea of how to make my dishes.

If there is ever any special recipe you would like to see on the blog drop me a note. I love a good challenge!

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