I am sure a lot of you have already gotten your Christmas shopping done and checked off your list! I am also sure that most of you like myself, still has to do that yet!

Honestly though, this is the first year I am way behind on the ball game. I am usually done with all my Christmas shopping by December 3rd every year. This year I don’t think I started until Dec. 3rd!

This is such a busy time of the year for us, in my family as our birthdays starting in October,  we have at least 2 birthday per month, until Jan! The running joke is if anyone else were to join the family they must not have a birthday in any of those months. Your access will be denied!

What I am excited about though is Christmas Dinner is traditional Trinidad food! No turkey or green beans or stuffing…Christmas is only ‘normal’ food! Easy compared to Thanksgiving.

Here are two new creations for you to add to your Christmas menu. The first Is a twist on the tradional Saltfish Fritters, instead its a Shrimp Fritter, that is deep fried and served with different chutneys and sauces. And the next is this divine Fig Glazed Chicken! You have to put this on your Christmas Table! It is so dah-licious!

And be sure to check out a new blogger on the seen over at Urbans Kitchen




I am going to preface this post by a word of advice for the young men and women out there that is in a relationship or dating or heck even married! If your other half happens to take the time out of their very busy schedule to call you, DO NOT ever ask that person in return “did you have a reason for calling me? OR “what did you want”.

How rude, disrespectful and downright tacky to ask such a question! If that person calls you, be thankful as it means they had you on their mind. It means they actually thought of you to be considerate enough to give you a buzz. The next time someone does that to you…walk away, I will because I will not tolerate such treatment from anyone.

On another topic, someone asked me if I have been exposed to racism or if it still exist today. It does. It may not be in a direct form but yes it does. For example, I have been part of an online food group for well over a year, where I submit my recipe and the followers goes out and reads my blog, get recipes…etc. I did mention in one of my recent posts about the racism in my own home land and the very next day I was booted from the group. Apparently I am not allowed to callout the fact that the black people votes for the black prime minister and the Indian people votes for the Indian prime minister whether they are good or bad. The gentleman that was the owner of the group contacted me directly gave me the boot! Its quite okay with me however because I refuse to be a part of a community like that, where the color of my skin or the length of my hair dictates what I do.

Next topic, I have been challenged to do 60 days of only healthy recipes and I have to start a YOUTUBE channel and produce my first video by Sunday! YIKES! Me on video? Ha! I need all the help I can get for that for sure! Stay tuned on how that will go.

But before we head over to Next weeks Clean, healthy recipes…how about one last delicious, sweet, unhealthy dessert to go out with a bang! These Coconut Turnovers are simply divine! It is an old favorite of mine from home and I was reintroduced to it by one of my favorite food bloggers Cynthia over at Tastes Like Home.

Click Here for Coconut Turnovers recipe.





If you live anywhere in and around the area of MN…how fantastic is this weather! OMG Its mid-November and we had 60 degrees of beautiful sunshine! And how about that moon.

I still have peppers and tomatoes on my tree. I shall be eating fried green tomatoes all through December! Where has the year gone? Are you already preparing for your Thanksgiving feast? How will you be eating this Thanksgiving? Every year we make the traditional American feast with some Trini food thrown in there. After all that cooking I always end up just eating my normal home cooked Trini food.

This year I have to stay on track and not over indulge…And to help with that I made these yummy Oatmeal Cookies. I cut out the sugar and used semi sweet chocolate chips instead of that gooey, melt in your mouth chocolate chips! I am always looking for new ideas of how to make cookies with oatmeal, that is not like cardboard to eat. It has to be a good snacking option.

If you are anything like me, right after lunch its when my craving hits big time! So I try to pack only 1 cookie as a snack to munch on to help with that craving. Cause that apple just does not cut it!

Click here for Oatmeal Choco-Cran Cookies recipes.





I never thought I would see the day that an Apprentice TV character would become the next leader of America the Great! What have we become? I question myself if this is what I want my monster to follow. Do I want her to grow up in a country where women are not respected? Where they are callously spoken of in a derogatory manner by the person who America choose to lead them?

Trinidad has its own fair share of racism with the black people voting for the black prime minister and the Indian people voting for the Indian prime minister. Who care if we starve as long as you support your color right?

I love living in America, I am extremely proud to be an American and have the opportunity to vote. We have to give the new President a chance and see what he does…I think. Either way, whether you are drowning your sorrows or celebrating a win, make sure you give this International Spanish Rice and Chicken a go! What better way to show how diverse we are and what different people and cultures have brought to this great country.

Click here for Spanish Rice and Chicken recipe.




Ahhhh its finally the day of voting! Everyone and their mama, has to flood your facebook by letting the world know they voted! Is anything kept private anymore? I mean its your damn duty to go vote for someone you think will be able to lead for the next fours years. That does not mean you have to post every freaking minute of your voting process on facebook.

Just wear the darn sticker on your forehead and walk around already! I will be happy to stop getting all of all the useless rants on my social media pages and seeing it on TV and hearing it on the radio already.

No one is even talking about Thanksgiving! Here I am just worrying about getting my delicious Organic Turkey and figuring out if I am going to fry it or bake it this year, while the rest of America is glued to the TV.

Before I go off into another rant, My baby brother is turning into a full grown pumpkin to day! He is no longer a squash…27, almost a man grown! WOOT, WOOT…I already sang for him today and made his day extra special! Now he has my voice in his head for the rest of the day! LOL

When you get back from voting try this amazing recipe for Butterflaps. It is a basic white bread recipe with extra butter and folded. It is super yummy! These would go great to munch on while you are watching who wins tonight. Its even better if you have a bowl of chili and you dip this bread into it! OMG amazing!!!

Go Vote if you can. It is our Duty. I am extremely proud to stand in those long lines and get my sticker!

Click here for Butterflaps recipe.