Not to be confused with we built a zoo! But I think I walked the entire zoo this past weekend with a power walker!

I mean if you are going to the zoo, should we not stroll through and enjoy it, instead of speed walking through like we are on a mission? Don’t you just hate it when you go walking anywhere with them short legged people who like to take big steps and have you running beside them the entire time! It gets a bit tiring…would you not say? What an exercise to those kids though. If you want to get them tired, just bundle them up and head to the zoo! All that walking will surely tired them out. It tired me out and Kubes could not keep the eyes or the snoring down!

I think this was the first time I went to the zoon and some of the animals, besides the monkeys was actually awake! I was wondering if they can see and hear us through the glass enclosures they were in. But then we saw the hug bears and one of them was definitely putting on a show for us!

He was in his swimming area that was right against the glass and was just swimming back and forth, back and forth, staring at everyone, counting how many people he could probably sink his teeth into if only he could escape! LOL

It was fun visiting the zoo. What a great way to workout!

Which brings me to my latest obsession, that is not good for the tummy and the hips. Homemade Bread! need I say more? Who does not love the smell or the taste of freshly baked bread, hot out of the oven, slathered with some butter and melted cheese and a nice cup of hot chocolate! Heaven on earth!

Homemade bread is naturally heavy and it will fill you up quickly…but I love dipping my bread into my hot tea and eating it like that. This recipe is great as it is not complicated at all!

Click here for Homemade Loaf Bread recipe.

bread 034

bread 038


Ah Friday, my good Pal and long time friend, How I love you! I am utterly excited you are finally here and this recipe today is to celebrate your long awaited arrival.

I have an abundance of eggplants growing in my garden this summer, together with a thousand tomatoes all ripening at the same time! I love eggplants. I usually plant a dozen or so trees in my garden because I can roast them all and freeze it for winter. During the winter months is very hard to get good eggplants here.

I also freeze my tomatoes as I used them in any chicken recipe that I make. Its a good way if you don’t know how to can to save your tomatoes.

The recipe today is inspired by the many eggplants I have growing in my garden. There is only so much bygan choka and curry bygan and potato I can eat! I wanted to keep it vegetarian and I want to make it into an appetizer so you can just pop it into your mouth.

I know I did not want any flour in it either. That left me with potatoes as my filler. This recipe can also be made ahead and fried on the day of your next party! It is so simple and easy.

The key to it however is to make sure you roast your eggplant over a direct flame as you want that charred skin on the outside. This gives the flesh on the inside a super Smokey flavor. Make sure you pierce your eggplant all over, if you don’t it will explode and cause a huge mess.

This recipe resembles the ever faithful Tater Tot as well. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Click here for Eggplant Fritters recipe.

eggplant fritters 032

eggplant fritters 020


If anyone knows me, they will know I have a serious obsession with bread! Not just any bread either, I don’t like breads with a hard crust. I don’t like to work for my bread. I want my bread to be soft and fluffy!

There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread. In my family it is tradition to bake bread on Thanksgiving and Christmas morning to eat our Ham with. We usually open presents on Christmas morning at 10 am and then eat breakfast and then start making Christmas dinner.

The first time I tried making this bread…right in the middle of my dough resting the power went out and it did not come back for 3 days! So there went my bread. The second time I tried to make it, boy that bread was rock hard! It was dangerous to someone if they got hit with it! I think I got 1/2 a piece of one down with the help of some soup! LOL

This time though…Oh boy! I nailed it! I just need to work on the shape of my breadsticks. But the softness and the taste was on point. I love warm breadsticks with pasta and a red sauce…heaven!

Click here for Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks recipe.

bread 045

bread 040

bread 047

Recently I started seeing on facebook the ice bath challenge, the 100 days of pictures challenge, the love your kids challenge and the best one of all the Love your Spouse challenge which I understand you have to post a picture and write something about your other half.

Now I don’t mind the challenges or even the chain email things that goes around or even the posts that says how many likes can ABC get for XYZ.

What I simply do not understand is how everyone just love their hubby’s like in every post!! If you have been in a long term relationship you will know that everyone has its ups and downs. Yet no one seems to talk about that! Having been in a long term relationship, I can tell you there were days when I did not like the other half yet all I see written are posts about ‘my one true love, my soul mate, the person I am destined to spend the rest of my life with, my honey boo boo…you get the idea.

I cannot be the only person whose relationship has its ups and downs, days when you need that break away from each other. Social media however dictates that we all have the perfect life! The love your spouse challenge just painted everyone’s relationship as perfect!

Now you know what is perfect? This One Pot Chicken and Rice dish! Now that is perfect. Marriage is not perfect. In fact, marriage and any relationship is work. It takes a lot of work to keep that strong. Making this chicken and rice dish when you are in a rush is however perfect and takes no work at all.

If you are in one of those challenges though, how about putting social media on the back burner tonight and cooking up this delicious dish for you and your spouse!

You can find this One Pot Chicken and Rice dish recipe here!

quick one pot rice and chicken dish 031

quick one pot rice and chicken dish 025


quick one pot rice and chicken dish 027


Its Summer time…the birds are out, the air is hot and humid, we in MN are complaining about how hot it is, the mosquitoes are out in full force, its like I went to a buy 1 get a 1000 free mosquitoes sale! The kids are out enjoying walking around with their heads hunched over into their phones looking for something called a Pokémon? What the heck is a Pokémon and what happens when you find him? What then?

This Pokémon craze is just crazy!!! Thank God my sugar does not play games on his phone…especially on date night! Actually whose date is brave enough to pull out their phones on date night? Can you image it, you made this great meal, you think your date is having a nice time, you both are watching the food network and boom he or she pulls out their phone and starts playing a game on it! LMBO insane right!! It happens people.

If you do want to kick it up a notch though this Roasted Red Pepper Risotto is so sexy for any date night! If you want to impress your date this is perfect. It is so easy, with very little ingredients and it is simply delicious! And you get to build muscles in the arm that is stirring, stirring, stirring cause you have to keep stirring with Risotto.

Give it a try and pair it with a Salad and a glass of your favorite wine!

Click here for Roasted Red Pepper Risotto recipe.

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red pepper risotto 033