After that amazing Asado Paraguay I did last week, I needed a change. While that Asado was meat-ah-licious…my tummy badly needed a change from all that meat.

I wanted something light, quick, fresh and I needed to have the ingredients in my fridge! This broccoli salad was on point! I know not everyone like broccoli, including myself. I won’t eat it in chinese food, even though every time I go to the Skyway chinese restaurant at work, that old lady sees me coming and I swear she gets broccoli excited when she is dishing out my food!

I have to tell her every time no broccoli! I know thats how those restaurants fill up their dishes too, less meat more veggies cause its cheaper. But when you order veggie fried rice, you barely get any veggies!

This salad can actually be eaten on its own or with a protein. The sour cream dressing is amazing! I am pretty sure most of you will already have all these ingredients in your fridge too. You can literally use any veggies you like.

Be sure to blanch the broccoli for about 3 minutes in hot water before using it in your salad. You are going for a crunchy, bright green texture.

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In the meantime, here is the Broccoli Salad recipe.


I know you are wondering what the heck is an Asado? An Asado is one heck of a big BBQ!

In Argentina and Paraguay and a few other South American countries, a big BBQ is called an Asado. In fact today is Paraguay’s Independence day and it is guaranteed that there will be an Asado or two. To these countries an Asado is considered an event. Its not just a BBQ to them. While the meats are not seasoned the way it is in America, it is about the cooking process and the types of wood that is used.

To read about this tradition and how it came to be head on over to 196flavors for the recipe and process.

In the meanwhile drool over these meat filled pictures!


Anyone here watches Naked and Afraid? I have been watching this Discovery show since it  first started. I mainly like to see what the naked people catch and cook to eat. A lot of times they just go hungry. What a fantastic way to lose weight right?

While watching it I always think to myself, I am not sure I would make it past the first day! I mean in my normal day to day life, if I don’t get my breakfast by 915 am, you do not want to be around this gal. Then when I don’t get  my tea, boy I get snarly! I simply won’t survive.

What’s even worse is I get cold in 80 degree weather with my clothes on! Can you imagine without my clothes? OYE

So last Sunday here in good old MN it was 84 degrees…beautiful! Today…54 degrees and cold. I think at some point along the way I have come to accept our rigid weather  changes or rather embrace it.

So while it  was chilly outside yet deceivingly sunny, I decided to take a stab at this leg of lamb that has been sitting in my freezer for a few weeks. I did not  want to go outside to grill and I did not want to heat up the whole house by lighting the oven for hours. So my next  option was to throw it in the crockpot.

Now how shall I marinate this 2 pound leg of lamb so that I can use it in multiple ways. I decided to make a homemade jerk seasoning rub that  is low maintenance and i can use it on other meats if their are left overs.

I grilled my herbs on the broiler, but you can lightly char them on the stove top on your open flame as well. Then the easy part is you throw everything in your magic bullet or food processor and walla!

I literally placed my seasoned leg in the crockpot on low before i went to bed and turned it  off when I got up the next day!

Very easy and low maintenance. Give it a go and if you have left over jerk it goes great on chicken wings!

Click here for Jerk spiced leg of lamb recipe.


Today I am sharing this creamy, coconut milk based fish soup, topped with melted cheese hailing all the way from the South American Country of Paraguay.

Pira caldo is a fish soup made with fresh water catfish paired with vegetables.

This recipe was provided by 196 flavors. The pictures and video belongs to tastesspicy.

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I believe everyone but me has seen Black Panther and the new Avengers movie! I mean how many times do we have to avenge the world with new super heroes?

I feel like a super hero every time I get home from work and is able to get the dishes and dinner done by 9pm! Other days I wish I had a private chef and full time maid service. Though I love to cook, I am hoping the private chef would be better at telling me no to hotdogs and carbs in general! My brain just tells me to eat it, you only live once, who cares if you have a big belly going everywhere with you, just blend in, and then it just laughs at me like we are good friends.

The maid service is so that I will have more time to focus on my private chef than cleaning! Seriously my windows and doors are always closed, so how on earth does dust miraculously appear on my floors and shelves!

I truly admire those people that say they are doing spring cleaning! I mean in my defense we have yet to find spring in Minnesota. That is my excuse at least. Okay serious question now, is it legal for me to call the pow pow on the neighborhood kids at 8pm for making too much noise and squealing and riding their bikes that late? Yes I said THAT late! Luckily my monster don’t squeal, but she has pouting and being moody down to a science! Those little buggers play right next to my bedroom window when I am trying to get my 12 hours of beauty sleep. Yes I said 12 hours! Otherwise I simply cannot function the next day.

What I did manage to accomplish one evening was this awesomely, semi healthy, veggie packed Beef and Veggie Stir-fry. This stir-fry can be eaten on its own or with rice. Of course I ate mine with rice because my brain was telling me to blend in again!

I know there are some strong people out there that carbs can’t get to…so this dish is totally worth it. Give it a go.

Now you all know how tired I get and how early I need to be in my bed to function, so just think of how much I love you, my followers, by making these videos so you can see how easy it is to make these dishes and learn the step by step process, so you too can feel like a super hero. Therefore you should totally pop on over to my Youtube Channel and share the love, by subscribing or giving it a thumbs up!

In the meantime…click here for Beef and Veggie Stir-fry recipe.